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Parish History 

October 1893 - The first recorded baptism. Darly Dodge and Carlton Dodge were baptized by Rev. Fred Hall in the Hall residence. (This house just south of the church.)


December   17, 1895 - The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal Church Society of Dryden (pictured above) was organized. They met in the parlor of the Twin Elms Hotel.  Present were Mrs. John W.  Rice, Mrs. Lucy Billings, Mrs. Ella Manwaring, Mrs.  LA. Folsom, Mrs. Lydia Lamb, Mrs. Mary Pogue, the Misses Olive and Ida Hall, and Mrs. R.B. Millikin.  A form of constitution as supplied by the Rev. Frederic Hall (of St. John's, Michigan) and was adopted and Mrs. Lucy Billings was elected president. The Ladies Guild Society met weekly on Monday afternoons in the Guild Hall. This was a room rented for the meeting from Mr. Joseph Manwaring.  Church services and Sunday school began here.  When the need for a church building became apparent, the Rev. Frederic Hall gave a tract of land on South Mill as the site for the church.


June 23, 1896 - A "Stone Bee" was held with the Society ladies furnishing the meals for the men who drew the stones for the church foundation.  The meals were served in the orchard grove of Mrs. C. Hall, who lived near the site.


September 7, 1897 - The cornerstone was laid in an elaborate ceremony with the Rev. McDuff of Flint officiating.  He laid the cornerstone assisted by the Rev. Frederic Hall of St. John's, Michigan, and the Rev. Ryerson of Pontiac.  The ceremony started with the people gathering in Mrs. Hall's orchard and marching to the church site led by the Almont Brass Band.  After the placement of cornerstone, the people returned to the orchard to hear an address by Rev. McDuff.  Supper was served by the Ladies Guild in the Ladies' Library. The church was built to specifications drawn by Mr.  B.M. Wicks. Construction was of wood with an ornate combination of designs adorning the facade and a Norman tower with bell over the entrance.


January   21, 1900 - The first service was held in the church by Rev. T.S. Kilty.


November 1900 - The first confirmation in the church.  Confirmands were Margaret Scully, David Billings, and Vida Billings.  Bishop Davies conducted the service assisted by Rev. W.S. Sayres.


1902 - The church was dedicated in this year and the first burial service, for Eliza Wells, was held in March.


September 1911 - The marriage of Joseph. W. Treadgold to Amy Webb by the Rev. W.R. Blanchford, was the first recorded wedding.  In this same year, the Rev. Blanchford reorganized the Ladies' Guild.


1949-1950 - No services, Dec. 1949-May 1950 (ed. note: no reason stated)


1955 - The parish hall was added.


May 1, 1956 - Bishop Crowley dedicated The Parish Hall.


October 26, 1958 - The Triptych in the Parish Hall was dedicated


January 18, 1959 - The present altar was dedicated by Rev. Ray Bierlein in memory of Steve Zelezic, given by his family.


March 1, 1965 - Bishop Emrich dedicated the present pews.


1982 -Robert Burch built the Vicar's office in the Parish Hall.


September 1987 - Parking lot behind church opened.


January 17, 1988 - Reredos installed in church; made with wood from original altar.


April 3, 1988 - New Parish Hall with handicap ramp was completed


July 1988 - New Parish Hall was landscaped.


1988 - Memorial Garden was planted in loving memory of Archdeacon Charles Braidwood. (New Parish Hall).


1989 - New kitchen completed.


1992 -Vicarage was sold.


1994-1997 - Church windows were refurbished by members as gifts (plaques at each window).


1998 - Altar moved away from the wall.


May 1999 - ECW renewed after nearly 30 years. The first meeting was in the Parish Hall with 15 ladies attending.  Luncheon was served and following that, Wanda Ray, Lay-Vicar, spoke and gave some insight into the E.C.W.  Jane Ewers volunteered to be President, Mary Jane Smith as Vice-President, Ina Dockham as Secretary Treasure and Yvonne Malinich as Devotional Leader.  Everyone showed much enthusiasm.


September 1999 - E.J. Millikin and Penny Millikin graciously gave the new sanctuary lights in loving memory of Louise Millikin.


1999 - Rev. Wanda L. Ray signed a covenant between St. John's Episcopal Church, Dryden and St. John the Baptist Episcopal in Otter Lake, Michigan.


September 1, 2004 - Ordination of Susan Rich to the Sacred Order of Priests at St. John’s by Bishop Ed Leidel.


2006 – Under the leadership of Harold Prowse, St. John’s provides financial help to the Escuela de Tulian school in Honduras.


October 2007 – Dedication of sidewalk, landscaping, and pergola in front of church.


February 2009 – Linked Hearts—a cooperation of six Dryden churches—is established.  The present buildings eventually donated by Milliken family .


January 31, 2018 – Outreach Teen Relief founded.  Becomes a mission of ministry at St. John’s, originally formed to provide winter clothing to students in need.


2019 – New carpet and paint in parish hall and offices.


July 2020 – Church sound system updated.


March 1, 2021 – Tim Wright, longtime warden, vestryman, choir member, worship leader, and preacher, dies at age 73.


March 2021 – New roof installed.

Sunday School 1950.jpg

St. John's Sunday School, 1950.

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