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October, 2020 to August 2023
Bell Tower Repair 10-12-2020.JPEG
Bell Crucifix.JPG

Bell Tower Crucifix.

Bell Tower Painting 10-16-2020 #2.jpg

Today we celebrated our new church bell ringing system. Thanks to Fr Tom Manney for getting this project started. And many thanks to all the people who contributed time and funds to making this possible. We also thank the folks who were the hands-on crew for preparing the site. And a big thanks to Jack Dodd who was a patient yet persistent project manager. 

Here's the work crew for wiring and other stuff for our bell. The guy in the black robe was accepting the award for Myron Petrie who was not present. The short lady in the front just happened to wander in.

Church Stairs.jpg
Bell #1.JPG
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